Google Authenticator
Google Authenticator is an application created by Google and used to provide codes that you can use to verify your identity after entering your username and password.

Google Authenticator is available as an Android and iOS app. It is a simple app that simply displays a six-digit numeric code that changes every 30 seconds and that you must use to verify your identity after logging in.

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How does it work
To use Google Authenticator you need to install the application on your mobile and then configure the account. You can do it manually, although the most common is to scan a QR code that includes all the account information and its settings.

This QR code includes a secret key that the application uses to generate numeric codes that change from time to time.

The site where you are trying to log in knows this secret key and can replicate the same calculation to generate the numeric code and compare that it is the same as the one you have entered. If so, your identity is confirmed and the session is started. Optionally, the service can remember the device you have used and not ask for the key again.

That is, these are all the steps you must take to protect an account by means of two-step verification using Google Authenticator and later log in with the help of the application:

1-Descargar Aplicación: Descargar e instalar la aplicación de Google Authenticator.

2-Scan QR Code: Scan this QR code in the Google Authenticator application (if you cannot scan the QR code, please enter this code manually in the app).

3-Recovery code: Please write down this Code on a piece of paper. This key will allow you to recover your Google Authenticator in case you lose your phone.

4-Google Authenticator Enabled: Activate Google Authenticator.

Sign in with Google Authenticator
Let's see what it's like to log in after you've set up your security using two-step verification in Google Authenticator. The first step is as always, entering the username and password.

Now comes the main difference. Although you have entered the name and username and password correctly, you need to enter an additional numeric code. They are the numbers that appear in Google Authenticator, in your account.

Enter the numbers as they appear in Google Authenticator - and hurry before they change - and you will be logged in. You will then be asked if you want to save the browser / cell phone, in which case you will not be asked for the code the next time on that device. Remember NEVER share this number with anyone.

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