How to Place a Regular Bet
Select the sport on which you wish to bet, the Country and then the Tournament and event. Every event has different types of market which you can also select.
Click on the odds of the variant selected and you will continue to put together the details of your bets. Now you can also choose to place several single bets at the same time or just one multiple bet with the corresponding odds. Enter the amount bet and the type of credit which you will use, confirm your transaction and you're ready. Your bet/s has/have been placed.
Remember that in soccer matches only the result after 90 minutes and extra time added by the referee will be taken into account, as stipulated in article 13.24 of the rules of the game. Neither the 15 minutes from each extra half nor the penalties will be taken into account. Except in the case of live betting, where odds will be specifically given on the result of the two extra 15-minute periods and, if necessary, the penalties.
How to Live Bet
Pálpitos offers you a game mode called "Live Betting" to enjoy the adrenaline and suspense until the very end. You can place and credit your bets in real time.
Go to and enter your user and password. Once logged in, the LIVE BET link will appear on the left margin, where the events available to bet on will be loaded. The odds will be published from the start of the event.
You can play at one or more events simultaneously live.
The types of market are:
* Winner - Tie - Winner: You must select between home, tie or away.
* Who will score the 1st goal. In this type of market you must select which team will score the 1st goal. Once the first goal has been scored, odds will be given on the 2nd goal and so on.
* Which player will score the 1st goal: In this type of market you must select the player who will score the first goal from a predetermined list. Once the first goal has been scored, odds will be offered on which player will score the 2nd goal and so on.

You can play from any minute of the event as if you had just started (on an equal footing) because the Handicap will allow you that possibility by awarding goals to the team that is losing.
* Handicap 0: 1: Means that the away team is awarded a goal that will be added to the final result of the event.

- Event: Manchester vs Milan
Handicap Market 0:1 (implies that a goal will be awarded to Milan)
If your chosen option is MANCHESTER WINNER, for your bet to win this team must win by 2 or more goals.
If your chosen option is TIEBREAK, for your bet to win, Manchester must win by one goal.
If your chosen option is MILAN WINNER, for your bet to win the match must end tied or won by Milan.
The market type will be published as goals are scored, this will give you the possibility that, at the moment you decide to bet, there is a parity between both teams.
- Event: Manchester vs Milan
If Manchester scores a goal after five minutes, a 0: 1 Handicap is issued, giving Milan a goal so that the match is tied and you can bet on who will win the remaining 85`.

Once the bet is placed it is processed for a pre-established time, after that period it is accepted.
If in the process period the odds increase or decrease, you will be informed of the change before accepting the bet so that you can reconfirm or reject your bet.
The live markets have a pre-established bet limit, once the limit is exceeded the bet will be evaluated by an operator, accepting it or rejecting it.

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