Security Policy

Protection of privacy of users and clients of Pálpitos is a constant concern of the company, and is a legal obligation. To that end, we hereby provide a description of the process of obtaining or processing all the personal information received.

Todos los datos obtenidos de nuestros clientes son procesados de manera privada, con la finalidad principal de dar seguridad a las operaciones realizadas. Además de nuestra voluntad, es obligación legal de la empresa mantener la estricta confidencialidad de los mismos.

During the user experience in the use of our website we may request the following information:

  • Full name
  • ID Document
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail
  • Telephone number
  • City of residence / home

This information may be required for the registration and opening of an account or on different occasions, in order to protect your account, recover your password or perform certain transactions such as withdrawals from your account.

Also, the user information can be used to keep you informed about the status of your account or results, balances, etc., connected to the service provided.

All the information provided by the user is carefully protected in the company's servers, whether they are owned or contracted, which comply with the highest security standards.

Each member and / or employee of Pálpitos that has access to customer databases or any type of relevant information linked to their personal data is responsible for and personally committed to complying with these privacy policies. To this end, each of them must sign a document in which they declare that they have been informed about them and the regulatory consequences in case of disclosure of relevant information, even after leaving the company.

Update of personal information. It is important that personal information is kept updated. The company may, in certain cases, require the verification of information in order to proceed with the correct identification of the user. The username and password will be required for the modification of account information.

The company reserves the right to use the email address or telephone number to send information about different products, promotions or offers. We try to ensure that all emails sent will be useful and of interest to the user. However, if the user decides not to receive any information from the company, he / she can request that by calling the telephone number of customer services or through the direct procedure described in each channel.

By registering as a user of Pálpitos you are accepting the Privacy Policy described in this document and the Terms and Conditions of participation. The company reserves the right at any moment to carry out modifications of the privacy policy, which will come into immediate effect once they are published on the web site.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are text files that contain tiny amounts of information that are sent and stored on your computer, smartphone or other device when you access a website. The cookies are forwarded to the website where they originated in each subsequent visit, or to another website that could recognize that cookie. They are useful because they permit the website to recognize the device user. However, Pálpitos uses cookies that only store a random identification referred to the user at the time of the start of the session on the site. We do not store any type of information or tracking which could violate the user's privacy.

It is a random ID, i.e. it can not be predicted or reproduced for the same user in different sessions (logins).

Protection of Personal Data Law Nº25.326

Pálpitos complies with the Law on Protection of Personal Data in all its terms and is constantly concerned with protecting the privacy of each user's / client's data. If you have any doubts about this document and / or anything related, you can contact the company through the means available for such cases.

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