Virtual Sports
Our Virtual Sports focus on realism with the number of events, tournaments and the game-play, all based on real sports
Virtual sports bets are bets that can be made on the occurrence of some sporting events simulated by a computer, the result of which is shown through an animation made in the form of computer graphics, specified in an already determined result.
The results of these virtual events are determined by a separate server which we does not have access. The results are generated through a system that has been independently certified to ensure that it is fair and that it meets the required standards.
Available Virtual sports
Virtual Football: offers a multi-competition format where can pick as many modes as they like. Realistic matches, betting markets and competition mechanics create an environment that engages punters and lets them place bets as they do in real sports.

Virtual Basketball: Basketball, after soccer, is the most popular sport in the world. Virtual Basketball offers a league competition featuring all the top American cities. More than real 480,000 basketball events were analysed ahead of its production.

Virtual Tennis In-Play: betting is the number one revenue generator for bookmakers – and is now available for Virtual Sports!. Built for betting from the ground up, can bet24/7/365, guaranteeing an always-on frequency that drives turnover potential. Virtual Tennis In-Play offers punters the opportunity to place live bets on full continuous matches, in any way they want.

Virtual Horses: provides fast-paced, real-money-betting on virtual races. With multiple race days running in parallel, punters have a wide variety of events to bet on at any time.

Virtual Dogs: Offering new races starting every 2 minutes on all platforms (online, mobile and retail). Non-stop, fast-paced betting action combined with the latest visualisation technology – and unlimited wager opportunities around the clock.

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